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Image of Blagdon Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 Pump

Blagdon Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 Pump

£204.99 from Pond Keeper

The energy saving Blagdon Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 pump is ideal for pond filters and waterfalls. It employs a digital motor with LCD flow regulator. Simply press up or down to change the flow of water. The ability to control your water flow has many benefits:1. Waterfall effects can be turned up or down. 2. Your pump flow can be reduced in winter to save money. This is the most advanced variable flow pond pump we have seen on the market. It is very user-friendly with the LCD screen letting you know if the pump gets jammed or blocked.

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Blagdon Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 Pump


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Image of Blagdon Amphibious IQ 6000-12000 Pump

This brand new pond pump from Blagdon offers all the traditional features of a pond filter pump with a whole lot more! The flow of the pump can be controlled by adjusting the LCD control unit. Simply turn the power up or down on the Blagdon Amphibious...

Image of Blagdon Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 Pump

Enjoy the ability to adjust the flow of your pond pump from 2,500 to 4,500 litres per hour. This saves cost on your energy bill and allows you to create a number of dynamic effects. The Blagdon Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 pump is the smallest variable flow...

Image of Blagdon Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 Pump

The Blagdon Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 pump is new from Blagdon is powered by the latest digital motor technology. Now you can see exactly how much power your pump is using and choose to turn the power up or down. This means you can lower the flow at nightime...

Image of Blagdon Inpond 6000 All-in-One Pump (9w UVC)

The Blagdon Inpond 6000 is an all-in-one pump that contains everything you need for small fish ponds up to 6000 litres. Everything is contained within one submersible unit. Includes a pump, fountain, filter, UVC and LED light. This pump is suitable to...

Image of Blagdon Inpond 3000 All-in-One Pond Pump (5w UVC)

This pump has everything you need to keep a small fish pond clean and healthy. This is an all-in-one pump, meaning that all of the usual pond system components are contained in one handy submersible unit. There is a large filtration chamber with this...

Image of Blagdon Midipond 3500 Pump

The Midipond range from Blagdon is aimed squarely at the most popular UK pond size, which is approximately 7,000 litres (1,500 gallons). The Blagdon Midipond 3500 can be used in a variety of applications in the pond: - Fountain - Waterfall - Pushing water...

Image of Blagdon Midipond 4500 Pump

The Blagdon Midipond 4500 has a larger flow rate than most other fountain pumps. It is aimed at those who wish to create a large fountain display or to power a decent waterfall. However, as the pump is supplied with a sturdy T-piece, its power can be...

Image of Blagdon Midipond 5500 Pump

Though supplied in the classic fountain pump design, the Blagdon 5500 can be used for a variety of pond uses. The most obvious is to run the pump as a fountain, which is where this pump excels with its powerful motor and a long list of no less than 5...

Image of Blagdon Midipond 6500 Pump

The Blagdon 6500 Midipond is one of the most powerful fountain pumps on the market today and this power can be utilised to create a large fountain display or waterfall. Alternatively the fast flow rate can be divided between a number of functions. Whatever...

Image of Blagdon Minipond 2000 Pump

The Blagdon 2000 Minipond is a versatile pond pump that can be used to power a pond fountain. It is also powerful enough to be employed with other pond tasks such as creating waterfalls or pushing water to a pond filter.

Image of Blagdon Minipond 700 Pump

This fountain pump from market-leading brand Blagdon would be a perfect addition to any small pond. The Blagdon 700 has a maximum flow rate of 700 litres per hour which is enough power to create a fountain. Comes complete with 12mm hosetail which is ideal...

Image of Blagdon Minipond 900 Pump

The Blagdon 900 is a perfect pond pump to create a fountain in a small pond. Due to the inclusion of features and fittings it is also perfect to connect to a pebble pond or water feature too. The 900 litres per hour flow rate generated by this fountain...

Image of Blagdon Inpond 2000 All-in-One Pump (5w UVC)

The InPond 2000 contains everything a small pond needs to keep it clean and healthy. This 'all-in-one' pump boasts a large filtration area, pond pump, UVC and LED spotlight. This is the perfect solution for a 'patio pond' or when installing a pond where...

Image of Blagdon Inpond 9000 All-in-One Pump (9w UVC)

This all-in-one has a maximum pump flow rate of 3,000lph - the highest we have seen in an all-in-one unit. This power plus the strength of a 9 watt UVC means we can confidently recommend this item for ponds up to 9,000 Litres (2,000 gallons). Please note...

Image of Blagdon Minipond 550 Feature Pump

Popular water feature pump from Blagdon. The Blagdon 550 Feature Pump has a maximum flow rate of 550 litres per hour which is ideal for most garden water features. The flow can be adjusted down to suit your feature and a range of pond hose can be connected....

Image of Blagdon Auto Shut-Off 1200 Feature Pump

This feature pump from Blagdon is the most advance little pump on the market. It can produce a flow of 1200lph (enough to power most domestic water garden features). The pump has a built-in sensor to detect when water levels are dangerously low and automatically...

Image of Blagdon Auto Shut-Off 2000 Feature Pump

This is the most powerful feature pump in the Blagdon range. It is the one we would recommend as it has enough 'oomph' for larger features and can handle larger hose than the other models (up to 25mm). The pump also boasts an integral flow adjuster allowing...

Image of Blagdon Auto Shut-Off 650 Feature Pump

Blagdon are a water gardening company known world-wide for the quality of their feature pumps. In 2014 they introduced their best feature pump yet. A perfect flow rate of 650lph which is spot on for most features and a unique auto switch-off feature....

Image of Blagdon Minipond 550i Feature Pump (Indoor)

This feature pump was the lowest priced pump we could find anywhere. It is recommended for indoor use as it is only supplied with a 3m power cable and comes complete with a fitted 3-pin plug. Suitable for use with most water features.

Image of Blagdon Oxygenator 2400 Pump - ANNUAL SERVICE KIT (1057363)

An annual service kit for the Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 2400. Blagdon Code: 1057363

Image of Blagdon Liberty Floating Solar Fountain 180

The Blagdon Liberty Floating Solar Fountain 180 is a dependable solar fountain option that looks great in smaller ponds. As well as providing your garden with the alluring vision and soothing natural sound of moving water, it also offers a practical purpose...

Image of Blagdon MiniPond Filter UVC O-Ring Gasket (1041065)

A replacement o-ring gasket for the following Blagdon filters: • Blagdon Minipond 4500/9000• Blagdon Minipond 6000/12000 Blagdon part number: 1041065.