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Image of 8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder for Cats - Comb width 4.6 cm

8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder for Cats - Comb width 4.6 cm

£15.63 from Zooplus

Regular coat care is not only for when your cat is shedding their coat, but should also be done on a regular basis. The 8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder for cats makes grooming your cat effortless and enjoyable. The brush is easy to use thanks to its ergonomically shaped, non-slip handle, it always lies comfortably in your hand. The undercoat brush is specially designed to remove your cat's undercoat and loose hair. The top coat is not affected in any way, and even benefits from the application. With regular use of the DeShedder, the brush can contribute to a shiny, well-groomed coat. In addition, the coat care tool can help to reduce loose hair around your home. The reduced amount of loose hair helps prevent hairball formation, as your pet swallows less loose hair when grooming - so everyone benefits from grooming with the 8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder. 8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder for Cats at a glance: Grooming brush for cats Versatile: suitable for all fur types Undercoat care: removes loose hair and undercoat fur quickly and effeciently Comfortable grip: ergonomic, non-slip handle for a firm, secure grip Less loose pet hair: reduces hair by up to 90% for a more hygienic home Gentle on your cat's fur: does not cut or tug at your cat's top coat Shiny coat: with regular use the brush can keep your cat's fur healthy and looking its best Hairball prevention: can help prevent hairball formation by reducing the amount of loose hair your cat swallows when grooming Easy and simple to use: ideal during coat shedding Colour: apricot Dimensions: Total: 15cm (L) Width: 4.6cm Directions for use: Gently run the grooming tool over your cat's clean and dry coat. Move the brush with the direction of the fur, starting at the neck. Take special care with sensitive areas, such as the belly, genitals and anus. Avoid brushing to intensively on the same area to prevent skin irritation.

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8in1 Perfect Coat DeShedder for Cats - Comb width 4.6 cm


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