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Image of Durable Pet Stairs Ramp, Easy Climb Cat Tree Ladder, Indoor Climbing Frame Staircase for Pets

Are you looking for a way to help your cat and save your furniture at the same time? The 4 step cat scratching post bed from PawHut provides a handy, optimal way for senior, arthritic or otherwise impaired pets to continue their daily routines. Your furry...

Image of HOMCOM Christmas Tree, 1.8m Pre-Lit, Artificial with Metal Stand, Festive Decor, Green

Struggle to travel with pets? With this PawHut cat bag carrier, you'll struggle no more. Its adjustable strap goes over your shoulder, so it's much easier carrying cats or small dogs. Three doors for easy access – they'll enter a spacious area, where...

Image of PawHut 1.8m Wooden Pet Seesaw Dog Agility Equipment Activity Sport Dog Training Agility Obedience Equipment Toy Weather Resistant

This PawHut seesaw made from fir wood is an ideal solution for your pet' s agility and training. The sea saw has an anti-slip felt to help with grip while allowing your pet to balance and be in control. A great accessory for your pet which can be fun...

Image of PawHut 100cm Cat Tree Tower Condo Multi Platform Kitty Cat Center with Climbing Ladder Scratching Post Hanging Toy Ball, Light Grey

Want to give your cat a good place to rest and entertain? You can satisfy your friends from PawHut. Our cat tree is made of solid particleboard, which is stable and safe. Ladder and cat tree wrapped in soft flannel are very friendly to your cat and provide...

Image of PawHut 11.5kg Capacity Automatic Chicken Poultry Feeder with a Galvanized Steel and Aluminium Build, Weatherproof Design

Are you unable to enjoy a short trip because of feeding chickens at home? Do you often forget to feed chickens and make them hungry? Let's take a look at our PawHut Rainproof Outdoor Chicken Feeder. The 11.5kg capacity feed can let 10 chickens eat for...

Image of PawHut 111L Vivarium for Snakes, Lizards, Horned Frogs, Chameleons, Hamsters, Gerbils with Tempered Glass Windows

Unleash your reptile's paradise with the PawHut Reptile Terrarium, a spacious 111-litre haven great for lizards, horned frogs and even hamsters. Peek into their world through the openable top and front tempered glass windows, ensuring they're always in...

Image of PawHut 114cm Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, with Scratching Posts, hammock, Bed, House

Transform your pet's days for the better – choose this PawHut cat tree. The ultimate pet haven, it features a cat house, hammock and top bed, all covered in soft velvet, so pets can choose where to curl up and relax. When feeling playful, they'll swipe...

Image of PawHut 114cm Cat Tree for Indoor Large Cats Condo Jute Scratching Post Cat Tower Kitten Play House Activity Center Furniture Grey

The traditional cat tree, reimagined. Bring this beautiful piece from PawHut into your cat's life for something they'll adore all day and night long. Using MDF for a structure which is tough and durable, it is formed into a four-tier design consisting...

Image of PawHut 118.5cm Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Mats, Hammock, Cat Bed, Ball Toy, Grey Blue

Transform your feline friend's world with this PawHut cat tree. Designed to blend with your home decoration, this modern cat tree's aesthetic appeal is matched only by its functionality. The scratch feature satisfies their instincts and protects your...

Image of PawHut 122 Wooden Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage with Waterproof Asphalt Roof, Fun Outdoor Run, Removable Tray and Ramp, Brown

The ideal home for small pets – this PawHut indoor rabbit hutch provides space and comfort. The two-story design is made from fir wood and coated with water-based paint, keeping it protected against mild weathering. There is a steel wire outdoor run,...

Image of PawHut 12L Vivarium for Lizards Frogs Snakes Turtles Tortoises w/ Anti Escape Design, Ventilation

Discover the enchanting world of your reptiles with the PawHut Reptile Terrarium, a 12-litre glass haven great as a bearded dragon vivarium, tortoise vivarium, or snake tank. Offering a 360° panorama, this lizard tank ensures your pets are the stars...

Image of PawHut 132cm Cat Tree with Scratching Post, House, Hammock, Grey

Let your cat play the day away with this cat tree for indoor cats from PawHut. A particle board frame for a tough structure, its multi-tier design features a large cat house, ladders, hanging play balls, a hammock and a top bed. It's covered in soft plush...